UWSA: Volunteering

The school benefits since the start of the work from international volunteers, people, coming from different countries, mostly from Europe, spending some time in the school (weeks or months), and serve with their skills and talents. 

The work of volunteers is to assist the teachers, support weaker students, help in the school life (sharing food), as well they can bring in their own skills, like music or practical skills, teach about their culture or other interests. For the children is helps, to widen up their world. 

The volunteers benefit as well personally, in growing through living and working in a very different culture, working with needy children, experiencing challenges in other countries, developing new and own skills, maybe stepping out of the own comfort zone, receiving more self confidence and understanding. 

Accomondation is possible in a local families house or a guest house. 

The time should be weeks or months. 

Finances need to be covered by the volunteers theirselves. Please contact us for any futher informations. 

The minimum age for a time of volunteering in the project is 18 years.

For further informations about volunteering, contact us association in Germany. 

Examples of volunteering: 

„Give future“, a supporting project in Sweden, made a video to teach more about the local work.