Association: Sponsering

The Universal Wonderful Street Academy survives and works through donations. As well sponsoring a child helps to support the project. 

How much money does it take to care for a sponsored child in one month? The minimum amount of a sponsorship is 15 Euro monthly. Even though this doesn`t cover the needs of one child. But because every euro is helping, this amount was fixed. Every sponsor has of course the possibility to support with a higher monthly amount. 

If you decide to sponsor a child you get the possibility to get in touch personally with „your godchild“ to write letters, send gifts, visit, etc.

The donated money is used for the following:

  • Two meals daily
  • School booky and supplies
  • School uniforms (very important, to equal the social differences. The kids are very proud of their uniforms!)
  • If needed, medical help
  • fresh water (is delivered regulary to the school in a truck)
  • Schools fees in the formal schools, schools supplies for formal schools

The donation for a certain child is symbolic. All donations support all children together, since not every child has a sponsor. 

Find a form for a sponsorship HERE