Visit the project

It is possible to get to know the whole project in Ghana. 

In the beginning of every year, there is a possibility to visit the „Universal Wonderful Street Academy“, to get to know the school, to visist a sponsered child and to experience the Ghanian culture. 

The trip lasts 14 days. The accomandation is local and simple. The visiters get to know the daily school life, and take part in little trips and the yearly anniversary party of the school. 

They will get to know the Ghanian culture though a trip to the national museum, the art center and local markets. If they wish, they are welcome to take part in tradiontional drumming and dancing workshops. 

Aswell the contrustions works of the new project in Old Ningo, 50 km away, will be visited. It is also a good oppurtunity to get to know the local kitchen, visit beaches and eventually concerts, as the touristic part of the trip. 

What are the costs of the trip?

The price mentioned here is calculated according to the currency and the temporary flight prices. It includes:

  • The flight from German to Ghana
  • Airport transfer in Ghana 
  • 14 nights in a local accomandation
  • 2 daily meals
  • Drinking water

The price is about 1500 Euros per person, depending on the sice of the group and personal wishes. 

A visa is needed. A travel insurance is recommaned. The costs for the Visa, the insurance, vaccinations (yellow fever is needed) are not included. 

More informations about the trip you get get by contacting us! If you are interested in being part of the next tip in 2020, please write us an e-mail!