UWSA: Environment

The Universal Wonderful Street Academy, is an NGO, supported through donations. The school is located in a Ghetto of Accra, in Jamestown, and is helping the street children of the community. 

The school was opened by the founder and director, Louis Yeboah Womder Doe. The children who visit the school, recieve education, two meals a days, dresses and school uniforms, aswell as all  needed supplies, fo free. The school is a non-formal education school, which is necessary, because of the situation of street children.

„Non-formal education“ is different to the govermental school system, it is a mixture of pratical workshops, extra classes and courses and preparing the children for life. „Learning by doing“ during the classes, learning of social behaviors during classes, aswell as their own african culture, neaxt to all this, all needed subjects to prepare them for their formal schools.

There are also cultural classes and workshops in the afternoons, to keep the children busy and away from the streets. 

Because of the space, the classes are not strictly devided. The „Beginners“ are the kindergarten students, follwed by class 1+2,3+4 and the seniors, 5+6.

Afterwords, the students who pass their exams, will be sent to formal schools, which will be supported and organized by the UWSA.

Currently 150 students are registered in the UWSA, and 150 students were already sent to formal schools. 

All students are living on the streets, a lot of them alone or with extended families. 

The school has currently hired 10 workers, including teachers, a cook and assitents. 

Where does the money come from?

Having the school is only possible through donations.