UWSA: A new school project

The new school center, about 50 km to the east of Accra, right at the coast of Ghana, will be a new school and shelter fo street children to get them out of the Ghetto. 

As well children of the community of Old Ningo will get the opportunity to go to school for free. 

Next to the normal school life further activities are planned. There will be a culture school, handicraft workshops and more. As well volunteers will be able to stay there. The construction of the school started in the middle of 2017. The community gets hired to build who recieve a daily sallery for their work. Daily hard work, without any mashines, only man power. It`s moving forward. 


The school will have space for around 200 students in 6 classrooms. In the building will be washrooms, a kitchen, workshops and a library as well as an office. 

The whole building is financed through donations, which are still needed.